Monday, December 17, 2007


I agree with the whole console is better thing, but what about us average joes who are using crap outdated machines(its atleast a decade old now) and have also still got sega genesis's lying around (seriously i was playing sonic just the other day >_>)
now im not saying the wii, xbox, ps...whatever are THAT bad, i even agree that my pc is a piece of junk that should by all rights be broken already. But it suits my needs, im not going to waste my time trying to buy ever damn console i can get my hands on, so i can play a bunch of games that slowly take my life away. Sure i may be totally addicted to persona 3 at the moment, but thats my and EB's problem.

Now im pretty much raining down on both be honest, they both suck. all these companies fighting over which system is the "best" has taken away what made these things great. What happened to playing street fighter II on your super nintendo without a friggin care in the world? back then, there was only ONE system you could use to play those games, it made it soooooooo much easier, cause the nobody was left out of the halo or metroid or whatever the fuck your playing.

im sick and tired of people asking this damn question, since the real answer is...there is no ideal hardware for games, never has been. New systems come out, new technology, new crap thats going to make us all go blind or get back problems...or break a TV. I dont know where the hell this idea came about that these are BETTER than the last pile of systems. So what if you can see things as more REALISTIC. call of duty airbourne still sucked balls even if you can see the guy shooting your ass has a mustache. Just because you had to cut off an arm and a leg doesnt mean your system is better. If the same is to be said, then my damn calculator must be the a better gaming system...

now im getting offtopic here, and i dont want to keep going since its against my better judgement...

now this is just my opinion, so if you choose to get all pissed off at me, go right ahead, THATS YOUR OPINION.

my god i was bored...


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